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MPS has extensive experience with structural steel, both in terms of fabricating components at its Cold Lake/Pierceland location and providing on site assembly. MPS has invested millions of dollars to create a state of the art fabrication facility. This 20,000 sq ft shop on 100+ acres of owned land is outfitted with premier equipment including Lincoln Electric's Python X beam processing unit. This machine is CNC driven, accurate to the millimeter, and has become the new standard in beam fabrication. In addition, MPS has CNC driven plasma tables and 15 welding stations that allow for a large production capacity. With this equipment, MPS is able to produce in excess of 150,000kg of steel beam per month. With over 50 journeyman and apprentice welders on staff and access to a large pool of labour, MPS can ensure that it can scale its capacity to keep up with its clients’ demands. MPS is a division 2 structural steel fabricator. 

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